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Find workers, get hired, start a free web-store, or join a project with others. Making money through your efforts has never been easier. LastHR serves businesses by getting them the long-term workers they need.

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Kacper Petrykowski

In 2020, Kacper Petrykowski founded LastHr.com, out of his apartment in Hong Kong. Over fifty years, employment and hiring friction has grown into the single largest problem that company leaders face and the most important decision executive boards have to make. Petrykowski himself is a top-thinker in decision-making and helps decision-leaders with their own heuristical challenges. Petrykowski discovered his decision framework theories that have led to his and LastHr.com’s unique success. It is with his decisions, that he believes are the reason behind whatever success he has had. He is now at a stage in his life that he can share a platform for the benefit of others, and so they too can make good decisions.

Jordan Miclat

Jordan Erold Miclat LastHr.com technical officer. 2019, Kasper hired Jordan from the Philippines as the designer and developer of the website. Responsible for the look, function, and for the site’s technical aspects , such as its performance and capacity. Together with Kasper, their objective is to build a platform to help others and to have an opportunity for everyone.